Our Flavors

When you book a consultation with us, this is an example of the taste plate you will receive! We will provide about 15-20 of our most popular flavors for you to try. For any special allergen friendly tastings, you will be able to choose 3 cake and filling combos to taste.


**Please note that we do make products in our facility that contain dairy, soy, egg, wheat/gluten and all nuts. For those concerned with these or any other food allergies, please bring to our attention. We cannot guarantee that any of our products will fully exclude any of these allergens.**

Cake Flavors

~All flavors can be made gluten free and dairy free~

Almond* (v)
Andes Mint Chocolate (v)
Apple (v)
Apple Walnut* (v)
Butter (v)
Butter Pecan* (v)
Carrot* (v)
Cherries Jubilee
Chocolate (v)
Chocolate Chip (v)
Chocolate Chocolate Chip (v)
Coconut (v)
German Spice* (v)
Hummingbird* (v)
Italian Cream*

Key Lime
Lemon (v)
Lemon Orange Swirl
Marble (Butter & Choc Swirl)
Orange Swirl
Peanut Butter*
Peanut Butter Fudge*
Peanut Butter Swirl*
Pumpkin (v)
Pumpkin Swirl (v)
Raspberry Fudge*

Raspberry Swirl
Red Velvet
Rum (v)
Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Swirl
Sweet Potato
Tutti Fruity(Lemon/Rasp/Orange)
White Chocolate
White Chocolate Red Velvet Swirl
White Chocolate Strawberry Swirl
White Chocolate w/ Raspberries


Almond Amaretto*
Andes Mint (v)
Apple Spice (v)
Apricot Grand Marnier (v)
Butter Pecan* (v)
Chai (v)
Chocolate Chai (v)
Chocolate Chip (v)
Chocolate Ganache (v)
Chocolate Hazelnut* (v)
Coconut (v)

Cream Cheese
Irish Cream
Kahlua (v)
Key Lime
Lemon (v)
Milk Chocolate
Orange (v)
Orange Pineapple (v)
Peanut Butter* (v)
Peanut Butter w/reeses*
Pineapple (v)
Coconut Almond* (v)

Pumpkin Spice (v)
Raspberry (v)
Raspberry Fudge (v)
Rum (v)
Strawberry (v)
Swiss Mocha
Toasted Hazelnut* (v)
White Chocolate (v)
White Chocolate w/peppermints
White Chocolate w/raspberries (v)
White Chocolate w/strawberries (v)

American Buttercream is used on outside of all cakes

* includes nuts

(v) vegan flavors